Embellish Your Thanksgiving Table

by Felicia Benton

Thanksgiving is a week away.  If you are hosting this year, are you ready??

When people are asked this question the first thing they think about is the food.  The “Big Dinner”.  But what about the table?

A welcoming table creates the ambiance in the space. Adding special touches to your table will make your guest feel warm, relaxed, and welcomed.  So this Thanksgiving take the time to embellish your table.  Try these four small tips when setting your table.

Bring in Nature:  Nature is one easy way to embellish your table. Using small gourds or pumpkins on a decorative tray with leaves; or placing them in a tall cylinder candle holder is a nice touch to any thanksgiving table.

Fall Floral Arrangements:  Fall arrangements are an elegant touch to any thanksgiving table.  The rich colors of red, yellow, and orange add the colors of fall while brightening up your table.  For a special touch try adding berries or pumpkins to your arrangement.

Add Colorful Napkins:  Want to really make your place setting pop.  A quick and simple (also inexpensive) way is to add napkins.   Decorating your table with colorful napkins that are bright red, yellow, or orange adds a special touch to any plate. Don’t know how to fold, or can’t get those creative napkin holders you really want.  No problem.  Just fold the napkin in half and place it under the salad plate.  Want to be creative...place a gourd and the silverware on the salad plate and you have a natural warm place setting.

Create A Special Place Setting:   Add a warm touch to your table with a place setting.  They are fun to create and most of all they make your guest feel special.

This Thanksgiving embellish your table. It won’t just make a big impact on your guest but it will make them feel welcome.  And during Thanksgiving, a time when we celebrate the things that we are thankful for… that is priceless.



Colors that keep you Motivated

by Felicia Benton

It is no doubt about it…color does affect your mood and your productivity.  So, when designing your home office, it is a must to think about the color of the office.

As a designer, I try to use colors that are warm and exciting.  Warm colors like oranges and reds or yellows are great for office spaces. These colors in bright hues can be distracting but in soft, or darken hues are great colors that will keep you motivate and energetic as you work in your home office.

Of course you can’t go wrong with Neutral Colors. 

Colors like tan, brown and grey are great for home offices because they don’t distract.

Neutral colors are also best if you have an office where your clients visit.  They always carry a professional tone.

However, you can still be creative and add that pop of color. A neutral color palette with little pops of color adds interest to the space, and won’t distract you or your clients.

Keep in mind that there are other ways to add color. Wood tones in the different shades of reds and browns can add rich color to a home office.  Area rugs and upholstered chairs are also makes a home office feel warm and welcoming. Colorful storage boxes and artwork can help you to add bold colors and patterns without it being overwhelming.

When you take the time to decide the color that will help you to function, the end result is an office that helps you to be productive.  And that is priceless.

Home Office - 1.jpg

Creative Ways to Organize Your Office

by Felicia Benton

A home office is an essential room in today’s home.   Whether used as a space for a home business, a creative space for crafts, or to do homework, a home office is a place that is dedicated for productivity.  It is a space were getting work done is a must.   So it is essential that your home office be designed to allow you to get the items you need without having to wade through mounds of paper or clutter.   Thus, allowing you to do the task at hand comfortably.  The trick is to have a home for everything so, when it is time to clean up it can be done quickly.   As your designer, I can design your office making it easy for to work clutter free.  So let's start to get organize.  Following the tips below to create a warm organized office. 

Creatively Use Your Wall Space:

  • Use your walls to showcase your calendar.   A white board calendar helps you to see your month in advance, thus helping you to plan your days efficiently.
  • Cork your wall.  Use a cork board to pin up notes and to do list.  They are also great to hold keys and other small items. 
  • Floating Shelves not only help you to get items off your desk, but it can also help to display items like plants and pictures. 

Use Texture:  Wicker baskets are great for storing small items and magazines;  as well as filing papers.  Wicker baskets are not only are they great for storage, but the colors and texture also makes your office space a warm welcoming space.

Add Color:  Use colorful file bins.  These tin file bins are great for filing and adding color. Magazine holders in different colors and patterns not only add a pop of color to your office, but they can be used to hold important papers and notebooks. 

Stay tuned....Colors that keep you Motivated!!

Organize Office.jpg

Designing Your Home Office

by Felicia Benton

Now that summer is over… I decided to buckle down and get back to the daily grind.  It is amazing how after a busy summer, your method of organizing in your home office can go out of the window.  However, my creative ability to have a special home for certain items made it a snap to clean up my chaotic desk.  I was done in less than an hour.  Now if you are asking how this can be you…I can help.  As a designer, I not only help to beautify your space but I help you to live in your beautiful space.  And  if you are like most people (especially if you work from home), your office is the HUB of the household. Your can't afford your desk or office looking like the one below.

For September, I will give share with you the following tips:

  • Creative Ways to Organize
  • Color that keep you Motivated
  • How to Light your Home Office
  • The Best Office Layouts

These tips don’t just to help you to stay organize, but they make your Home Office a warm welcoming space that is functional. So not matter what the task you are motivate to complete it.

messy desk.JPG