Embellish Your Thanksgiving Table

by Felicia Benton

Thanksgiving is a week away.  If you are hosting this year, are you ready??

When people are asked this question the first thing they think about is the food.  The “Big Dinner”.  But what about the table?

A welcoming table creates the ambiance in the space. Adding special touches to your table will make your guest feel warm, relaxed, and welcomed.  So this Thanksgiving take the time to embellish your table.  Try these four small tips when setting your table.

Bring in Nature:  Nature is one easy way to embellish your table. Using small gourds or pumpkins on a decorative tray with leaves; or placing them in a tall cylinder candle holder is a nice touch to any thanksgiving table.

Fall Floral Arrangements:  Fall arrangements are an elegant touch to any thanksgiving table.  The rich colors of red, yellow, and orange add the colors of fall while brightening up your table.  For a special touch try adding berries or pumpkins to your arrangement.

Add Colorful Napkins:  Want to really make your place setting pop.  A quick and simple (also inexpensive) way is to add napkins.   Decorating your table with colorful napkins that are bright red, yellow, or orange adds a special touch to any plate. Don’t know how to fold, or can’t get those creative napkin holders you really want.  No problem.  Just fold the napkin in half and place it under the salad plate.  Want to be creative...place a gourd and the silverware on the salad plate and you have a natural warm place setting.

Create A Special Place Setting:   Add a warm touch to your table with a place setting.  They are fun to create and most of all they make your guest feel special.

This Thanksgiving embellish your table. It won’t just make a big impact on your guest but it will make them feel welcome.  And during Thanksgiving, a time when we celebrate the things that we are thankful for… that is priceless.