Colors that keep you Motivated

by Felicia Benton

It is no doubt about it…color does affect your mood and your productivity.  So, when designing your home office, it is a must to think about the color of the office.

As a designer, I try to use colors that are warm and exciting.  Warm colors like oranges and reds or yellows are great for office spaces. These colors in bright hues can be distracting but in soft, or darken hues are great colors that will keep you motivate and energetic as you work in your home office.

Of course you can’t go wrong with Neutral Colors. 

Colors like tan, brown and grey are great for home offices because they don’t distract.

Neutral colors are also best if you have an office where your clients visit.  They always carry a professional tone.

However, you can still be creative and add that pop of color. A neutral color palette with little pops of color adds interest to the space, and won’t distract you or your clients.

Keep in mind that there are other ways to add color. Wood tones in the different shades of reds and browns can add rich color to a home office.  Area rugs and upholstered chairs are also makes a home office feel warm and welcoming. Colorful storage boxes and artwork can help you to add bold colors and patterns without it being overwhelming.

When you take the time to decide the color that will help you to function, the end result is an office that helps you to be productive.  And that is priceless.

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