Spring Up Your Interior....

by Felicia Benton

I just love Spring.  I love how everything that once looked dead and lifeless begins to bloom.  The colors and hues are bright soft and warm.  Spring is a time for renewal and growth. During this time of the year we are all getting rid of the old and we begin making room for new ideas.  Hence the idea of “Spring Cleaning”. 

This spring don’t just dust and air out your rooms… add a touch of Spring Beauty to you interior.  Spring is a wonderful time to begin to make any new changes to your interior.   This does not have to a big change…little changes can help your interior space to feel brand new.  For example, changing the paint color is one quick way to update a space.  Painting a room in light hues can give any space that “Spring Feeling”.   Changing your fabrics can really change the feel of your space.  For instance, adding sheers to your window can make a room feel open and fresh.  Fabrics that are light that are adorned in spring colors or floral prints bring in the colors of spring and makes a space feel warm and welcoming.  Moreover, they can be used well into the summer months giving that pop of color and interest.  Finally, accessories always make a space.  Try like light colored glass vases, or vases that are stark white. Floral arrangements in spring colors or green plants are also a way to bring the true natural elements of spring into your interior.

So this spring don’t just spring clean your interior …. Spring it up! Bring in the elements of spring, and “Renew Your Space”.