Create your backyard haven

by Felicia Benton

This summer, turn your outdoor space into a true haven.  Memorial Day is soon approaching, and before you know it we will all be entertaining outside (that is if you haven’t already). So as a designer I have one big question… Are you ready? If not, don’t panic! Below are some quick tips to help you to get ready.

Five Quick Ways to turn your Outdoor space into a true haven:

1. Comfort is Key – Comfortable furniture is a must! The more relaxing the furniture looks the more the space feels warm and inviting.

2. Color your Space - Plants or pillows are one quick way to add color and textures to your space.

3. Add Water - Yes, the sound of water is soothing. So, a fountain or a small water feature will makes your outdoor space a tranquil one.

4. Create the Ambiance – Lighting is key…lights can turn any outdoor space into from a getaway to a fun party spt.

5. Finally… Accessorize - Accessories are the jewelry of any space. In your outdoor retreat this is where you can let your personal stamp to come through.

Like more tips….Stay tuned.  Each week I will give you a tip to turn your outdoor space into a kind of hideaway that you would enjoy relaxing and entertaining in. Now if you need help to create your Backyard Retreat send me an email (  I can help  you to turn your outdoor space into your own oasis. 

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