Add Color to your Outdoor Space

by Felicia Benton

Adding color to any interior space can make it feel warm, welcoming, soothing, and relaxing.  The same is true with your outdoor space.   With the right colors… you can bring your outdoor space to life and create a retreat that you enjoy and would love to share.  Listed below are some quick ways you can add color to your outdoor space.

1. Pillows – Pillows are one quick way to really add pops of color to any space.  Here you can be very creative and choose pillows with bold colors and geometric patterns.

2. Decorative Accessories – Just like in your home, express your style in your backyard. Choose bight color planters or flower pots.  Or choose colorful small tables that can be used as stools.

3. Create a Flower Boarder – Plant flowering annuals or perennials around the edge of your outdoor space.  Using colorful planters will create a lovely border and will be a wonderful addition to your landscape.

4. An Outdoor Rug – This is also a creative way to add color to your outdoor space.   Choose an area rug with bold colors or pattern to compliment your pillows. 

5. Paint Your Outdoor Furniture – Do you have an old chair or table? If so, paint it!   Be creative; make it an accent furniture piece that was made for your space.

Stay tuned…next week I will give you some creative ideas on how to add lighting to keep your outdoor parties fun and popping.

Outdoor Color.jpg