Light Your Outdoor Space...

by Felicia Benton

Are your outdoor parties ending as soon as dusk falls?  Well this summer, keep your outdoor parties going with a little lighting.  Lighting is one of the quickest ways to create that elaborate look you want for your outdoor space.  And guess what…the options are endless.  All you have to do is just use your imagination.  Below are four quick ways in which you can add lighting to your outdoor space.              

1.     Use Holiday String Lights:

Electrical string lights are not just for the holidays.  Use these lights to decorate your columns or a fence.  Just be creative. Use these lights to create a canopy that would not only light your outdoor space but also define your party space.

2.    Try the Warm Flicker of Candles

From lanterns to torches… candlelight emits a warm, gorgeous glow.  Candles are great to use to create the ambiance; and they also work well as task lighting.  Try adding floating candles in a huge vase and place it as a center piece on a table.  It will add that subtle light that would be great for eating or just shooting the breeze.  

3.    Try Battery Powered Fixtures:

Battery powered lights allow you to light just about any fixture in your outdoor space without the worry of electricity or wind blowing out the light.  If you have a huge outdoor space, use these fixtures to extend your outdoor space. Place them on tables so your guest can sit anywhere and still have the light they need.

4.    Be Eco-friendly…Use Solar Panels:

These light fixtures gather energy during the day and automatically begin to come on as darkness falls. Use these lights to create a path.  Place them at the beginning of a walkways or near steps. Or use these to show off the best features in your yard.  

So this summer… be creative and add some light to your outdoor space and … “Keep the Party Going”.  Make your outdoor space a whole new entertaining experience.

Next week…Let’s set the table!!  Get ready to grub outside with some creative ways to set your outdoor table.

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