Create a Quaint Outdoor Space

by Felicia Benton

Do you want to entertain outside, but think you can’t because you have a small porch or a small outdoor space?  Well I am here to help.  Here are five tips to help you to create the stylist, coziest, outdoor space ever.

1.  Think "Double Duty" - Choose furniture that has multifunctional ability.  Seating that has hidden storage space, or furniture that can be used as a table and additional seating.

2.  Build out from a Corner - Choose a corner that can be the focal point for seating. Build out the corner with furniture that is small and square that allows you to create a perimeter.  This allows you to have maximum seating as well as allowing for open space in which foot traffic can enter and leave without any obstacles. 

3.  Creative Storage - look for interesting pieces that help you to maximize your space.  For example turn a planter into an open bar, or a bookshelf into garden planter shelf. 

4.  Go Vertical- Create a beautiful floral arrangement on a wall. Vertical planting or wall accents are a great way to add texture as well as color to a space.  

5.  Less is More – Don’t clutter your space with small objects like planters, and other knick-knacks.  Keep your outdoor space open.

Want to add color to your outdoor space?  Next week, I will give you some creative tips on how to add color to your outdoor space.