Set Your Outdoor Table

by Felicia Benton

The warm air and the relaxing feeling of summer make it summer a great season for hosting outdoor get-togethers. This summer don’t have your outdoor table looking like a kids’ party. There is so much you can do to create that warm impressionable look for your outdoor table.  Leave a lasting impact on your guest.  Use these five tips and set one stunning table that will  leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

1.      Cover it in Color:  Don’t just cover your table with white linens.  Choose linens that are bright, colorful, with bold geometric shapes.  For a creative look, use primary colored handkerchiefs to adorn the top of your table. Or keep it simple, use wrapping paper.  It is quick, easy and fun way to add color.  Moreover, it makes clean up a breeze.

2.      Colorful Tableware:   A colorful table setting is always welcoming.  Choose bright colored plates with complimenting cups.  Or stack plates that have bold colorful designs.  These plates are easy to find and are a quick way to add pop and creativity to your table setting.

3.      Theme It Up:  Coordinate the colors of your table to an overall theme.  Being patriotic, use hues of reds and blues.  For a county blast, show off those blue checks with a touch of yellow.  For an elegant garden party adorn your table with soft greens and purples colors or flowers.  

Rattan chargers:  These charges really bring summer to the table. From natural browns and blacks; to bright colors charges can add pop to any outdoor table setting.  Used as place mats, these woven pieces add a breezy and clean feel to any table setting. 

Use Nature:  A centerpiece can say wonders about your table.  Since it is summer, bright seasonal flowers always work.  Be creative. Don’t just display them in a vase.  Use a small tin or bucket, or try a small colored bag.  Keep in mind, bright bouquets along colorful creative linens can create a stunning table for your outdoor event.

Next week… Hosting a 4th of July get together?  Well, I will help you to get ready. From the grill,l to the table, to the ambiance, let me help you to create one memorable event.