Designing Your Home Office

by Felicia Benton

Now that summer is over… I decided to buckle down and get back to the daily grind.  It is amazing how after a busy summer, your method of organizing in your home office can go out of the window.  However, my creative ability to have a special home for certain items made it a snap to clean up my chaotic desk.  I was done in less than an hour.  Now if you are asking how this can be you…I can help.  As a designer, I not only help to beautify your space but I help you to live in your beautiful space.  And  if you are like most people (especially if you work from home), your office is the HUB of the household. Your can't afford your desk or office looking like the one below.

For September, I will give share with you the following tips:

  • Creative Ways to Organize
  • Color that keep you Motivated
  • How to Light your Home Office
  • The Best Office Layouts

These tips don’t just to help you to stay organize, but they make your Home Office a warm welcoming space that is functional. So not matter what the task you are motivate to complete it.

messy desk.JPG