Creative Ways to Organize Your Office

by Felicia Benton

A home office is an essential room in today’s home.   Whether used as a space for a home business, a creative space for crafts, or to do homework, a home office is a place that is dedicated for productivity.  It is a space were getting work done is a must.   So it is essential that your home office be designed to allow you to get the items you need without having to wade through mounds of paper or clutter.   Thus, allowing you to do the task at hand comfortably.  The trick is to have a home for everything so, when it is time to clean up it can be done quickly.   As your designer, I can design your office making it easy for to work clutter free.  So let's start to get organize.  Following the tips below to create a warm organized office. 

Creatively Use Your Wall Space:

  • Use your walls to showcase your calendar.   A white board calendar helps you to see your month in advance, thus helping you to plan your days efficiently.
  • Cork your wall.  Use a cork board to pin up notes and to do list.  They are also great to hold keys and other small items. 
  • Floating Shelves not only help you to get items off your desk, but it can also help to display items like plants and pictures. 

Use Texture:  Wicker baskets are great for storing small items and magazines;  as well as filing papers.  Wicker baskets are not only are they great for storage, but the colors and texture also makes your office space a warm welcoming space.

Add Color:  Use colorful file bins.  These tin file bins are great for filing and adding color. Magazine holders in different colors and patterns not only add a pop of color to your office, but they can be used to hold important papers and notebooks. 

Stay tuned....Colors that keep you Motivated!!

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