Adding Accessories to Your Space

by Felicia Benton

Accessories are like jewelry to an interior.  Jewelry allows any woman the ability to add her own touch to an outfit. Using earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, a woman can place emphasis on color, showcase their style, or even make a bold statement.  Well for your interior spaces, accessories allow you to do the same.  Using vases, artwork, area rugs, lamps, and pillows you can add your own special touch to any room.  You can place emphasis on a specific color, or showcase your style by using fabrics in bright bold colors or with creative prints. 

For the Oxford Valley Designer Show House, I along with another designer signed up to design a sunroom in a home that was built in the early 1900’s. This was a room that had a huge fire place, dark wood panels, floors, and moldings.  Our goal was to transform this room and make this it feel warm and inviting.  Using the inspirational  colors in a bright striped fabric, we decorating the room with vases, an area rug, pillows, and bold patterned window treatments.  The effect was a room that displayed the bright colorful stripes, that was warm and welcoming.  But most of all a room that left an impact.

Photo Jul 23, 1 34 17 AM.jpg

Looking at Nauture for Your Color Palette

by Felicia Benton

Are you struggling on how to choose a color palette for your new space?  Well... don't start by looking at the Homes & Garden magazine for color ides, or by taking a color test or quiz to find your “true” color personality.  Start by looking out a window.  Open your door, go outside,  and look at the trees, the sky, the grass, and the flowers.  This is where you find your true palette; it’s nature.  “In choosing colors...follow nature's lead” - John Saladino   When you follow nature's lead you can’t go wrong.  Pick a color, any color. Nature is truly the best way to visually see what additional colors would complement thus giving you a true color palette.  Check out the following examples of how you can use some of nature’s most striking color combinations.  

Everyone loves a beautiful sunset, or has admired the colors of a coral wreath.  The shades of blue and orange that you see in a sunset, or in a coral wreath are not just complimentary but are wonderful shades that would work in any room.  The rich tones of navy blue and orange along with white are great colors to use in any interior. 

The colors of the beach.  The soft tones of blues and greens from the ocean, or the tans and browns from sand, are wonderful hues that can give you an elegant romantic color scheme.

Even the flowers in your yard can provide a colorful inspiration for your interior.  For example, the purple hues from an Anemone or a Lilac. The different pinks from an Allium flower.  Even the green hues from the leaves and grass.  These colors combined create a soft and joyful or bright palette for your interior space.

 The next time you are redoing a space and are questioning what color palette would be best, look out your back door.  Nature will provide you with that complimentary color along with a wonderful palette.  No matter what you do, what colors you choose, you will have a color palette that will really enhance your interior.

Working with Color... Intro

by Felicia Benton

As a designer and a Design Consultant for Thomasville Furniture, I am often asked how one chooses color.  From the color of what to paint the walls or what color should they use for their sofa… it seems that this is always a hard and fearful task.  To address the issue I begin at first to start talking about their room. We begin to discuss the flooring, the walls, and other items that may be in the room to help them choose a color that would work.   I explain what colors or hues would work.  How each color will add interest, and how it will make the room feel.  Following this in-depth discussion, I always receive the same question… how do you know?

Well… for the next three weeks I will give you some tips on how you can add color to your space. From paint to flooring, from furniture to accessories, color plays a big part in your space.  Learn how to choose that accent color, how to create warmth, or how to create that resort feeling.   Moreover, how to tie it all together to make your space pop. 

A room with bright warm colors.

A room with bright warm colors.

Celebrate the 4th!!

by Felicia Benton

July 4th is right around the corner.  Are you drawing a blank as to how to decorate for your party? Try these great tips for you get together, and leave on great impression on your guest.

1. Doing a Buffett… store your guest’s utensils in a glass jar with a colorful handkerchief. (see pic #1)  This is a lovely way to decorate and add color to your outdoor buffet table.  Furthermore, it allows your guest to grab their silverware, napkin, and also jar/cup for drinks all at once. 

2. Looking for a different way to decorate your table other than the standard red, white, and blue... try softer tones. (see pic #2)  Using softer tones like rose, pink, or baby blue allow you to still keep within the theme of the July 4th.  Also try using teals and reds. Or red and white checks.  This is also another way to you can still keep in the theme while creating a unique look.

3. Looking for a neat centerpiece…try the following.  Use floral foam balls.  They are easy and inexpensive to create.   Use colorful Chinese food boxes (in primary reds and blue).  These food boxes make for one creative unique plant holders.  Or try a tier planter that shows off your red, white and blue flowers

4. Use your food to also decorate your table.  Cupcakes in red, white, and blues.  Blue berries, strawberries, or raspberries in a white cup not only add that patriotic look to your table, but also make for a healthy snack.